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When I am feeling in need of some 'alone' time, which we are all from time to time, especially when, like me, you run a business and have three crazy kids, two hairy dogs and one very understanding husband, its time to recharge the batteries, I head out with my camera and tripod into the early morning light for inspiration.

Just sitting in the early morning light, really puts everything into perspective. For me, a noisy household, with things happening all the time, this quite time gives me clarity. I just love early morning light. Those first rays of light or sun, starting a new day, new adventures, new decisions and priorities. If you have ever sat on a rainy dawn Sunday morning at Balnarring Beach, down on the Mornington Peninsula, you can sometimes be met with the local race horses getting their workout on the beach and in the water. These times are often shared with the dolphins, who love to tease the horses and swim in between their legs! At Flinders Pier, I am often met by local fishermen out to get the first catch of the day. They are certainly not interested in me and my little slice of heaven which leaves me to experiment with my long shutter speeds and low ISO's! Flinders Beach is a gorgeous location at any time of the day with lots to photograph.

Sometimes the sunsets are just as amazing, however these never result in 'alone' time as I usually have one of the girls tagging along, sometimes with their camera to copy Mum! I love that they can 'see' the light too but I have not discussed camera settings etc with them just yet. The afterglow of the sun on the horizon is simply one to be cherished.

We live on an amazing planet and she shares all her wondrous secrets with us every single day. When we choose to stop and watch and listen, we can be blown away by the beauty of her colours, light and shade, the peacefulness of a sunrise and then sudden realisation hits, that it's time for that morning coffee!!!

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