February 19, 2015

Preschool or Kindergarten is a very special time for children, one that sets them on the path for the rest of their educational journey. Our Philosophy towards our photography is natural, caring, candid and gentle, capturing those special moments that can happen at kindergarten. We aim to provide a gorgeous reminder for parents and families of their child's time at Kindergarten.

We will spend time with each child, both indoors and outside taking a series of photos with the child showing us around their Kindergarten, showing us what they love to do. From their favourite book or how quickly they can climb the rope ladder or make the best mud pies in the sand pit. All children will also get an individual headshot/portrait.  We like to let the child lead the way and with our gentle and caring approach we aim to get the most natural images of the children.

A week prior to Photo Week, parents will receive an Information Sheet, allowing them provide us with their contact information. We just take their contact details and email addresses from them and contact them directly with their Client Login, once all images are ready. All orders are done online minimising any administration work for your staff.

The families will receive a Secure Client Code that they use to logon to their Private Gallery and view and purchase their images from. Print orders are made on a Friday for delivery the following Friday. We aim to have orders delivered in timely manner. We have many options for families with a range of products to choose from.  

As part of our thank you to your Kindergarten/ELC, we offer a beautiful Hardcover Kindergarten Book as a keepsake, containing various images of each child in that year. Alternatively we can offer you 10% of sales back to the Fundraising Committee.

We look forward to meeting all your gorgeous little people at your Kindergarten/ELC in the near future. For further information on our process or to book your Photography Week with us, please contact us

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